Friday, June 11, 2010

John left yesterday for his annual family reunion.  He said the weather in Dallas/Ft. Worth was nice.  Three times in the last 5 years the weather has been bad, & one time he had to overnight,  Wednesday the weather report for Dallas wasn't good, so it could have gone either way.  When he called he was all chirpy about how great the trip went, nice weather, on time & all that.  I told him not to do too big a Happy Dance, since he hasn't made it home yet.  We'll see how it goes Monday when he tries Dallas/Ft. Worth again.  

This afternoon I picked up Beau or Nigel at the vet office after his "brain" surgery this morning.   Unfortunately the emasculator broke (I've never heard of such a thing) & one of the cords sucked back up before it got sewn shut.  So the boy has to stay in a cage tonight, no food or water to make sure he doesn't bleed.  So far, so good.  John is thinking about names, Beau is back on the list, & Nigel is the only other name I came up with that John will even think about.  I told him either he comes up with a name or it's one of these.  Once he's out of the cage & I can observe him, maybe another name will  "fit".

The donkeys have been doing real good with their fly masks, but BlackJack came in tonight without his.  Although our neighbor is helping with chores, I still didn't get a chance to look for the mask before dark.  We don't have a lot of flies, we use the fly predators, & the fly traps, but the ones we have are really determined.  They ate a lot of the hair off of Jenny, big girl's rear legs, trying to get to the skin I guess, nasty little beasts.  So I made some covers for her hind legs & it really keeps the flies at bay, they don't like all that material flopping around I guess.  

Honcho has settled in & is part of the herd.  I guess I'm a matchmaker, I'd like for him & Katie to bond.  They are about the same size, both of them have a weight problem, & their personalities are a lot alike.  Usually when I want 2 of them to bond it doesn't turn out well, like Daisy & Quilla.  They didn't like each other when they were being fed in the same pen, & they are never together now. 

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