Sunday, June 13, 2010

JOHN COMES HOME TOMORROW...............!!!

If he makes it thru Dallas/Ft. Worth.  The problem is by the time he would know there was a problem we are already on the road headed to the airport in Tucson to pick him up.  

Everything has gone really well, Mike our neighbor has been a big help.  And last night Destiny showed up to help, so we've been getting chores done in record time.  No major health crisis, although I am still working on Sha'ba's sheath got 2 more habronema out this morning.  I keep hoping each one is the last one, but it seems when I get one out there is at least another one behind it.  At least he isn't itching too badly, poor little guy.  

Both Jack & Pepper have dramatically cut down on the amount of food they are eating.  They are eating about 1/3 of what they were just a few weeks ago.  Of course all the other donkeys especially the ones that are food hogs, really watch those pens & wait impatiently for me to open the gate to let the old guys out.  I've really cut down on the amount of food I mix up, but those two still have leftovers at every feeding.

"Nameless" seems to be doing good.  He's still hanging out in the bedroom bathroom, although he has come out from under my clothes in the closet & is now positioned behind the TV.  Last night he did some prowling, which was OK, but I didn't appreciate him trying all the window screens to see if they would hold up.  Every time I yelled at him he quit on that window & go to another one.  Moogee has given up on trying to get in the door, I'm sure she will make his life miserable when she gets the chance.  She likes to hide around the corner & pounce when her victim walks by.  Poor Midas was very paranoid about walking past a corner unless he knew for sure where she was.  

Haven't heard how Georgette & Remington are doing, last I heard they were going to start doing "walkies", which could be fun.  He's very smart & really seems to want to cooperate, so it should go pretty well.   

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