Monday, March 29, 2010

CHICO CRISIS,....!!!! (at least from his point of view)

Lupe & Chico did real good on their first day out yesterday.  When it came time to come in for evening feeding, they were hanging around the feed room with the others.  Rather than lead them in or run them in I decided it would work out best to have them follow me in.  It took a few minutes for Lupe to figure out what I wanted her to do, but she followed me in & of course Chico followed her.  

They did so good I saw no reason to keep them in last night, so John let them out with all the rest.  He came in & said Chico was lost.  Lupe had gone one way & he the other & by the time he missed her she had disappeared.  So he was standing in one place, squawling & bawling.  I think every other donkey on the place brayed back at him, all except his momma.  John came in, got me & we headed out to find momma.  Chico was willing to follow us & we actually didn't have too much trouble finding her.  She was over on Burroland being quiet.  Ha!  She good naturedly greeted her little boy & he was really happy to say the least.  

This morning they were in Jack's pen when John went out.  Chico was taking a nap & Lupe was watching over him, so I guess she hasn't totally given up her motherly duties.  

I'm sorry to say I haven't seen her pay any attention to the geldings or them to her, so I assume she is probably pregnant.  I hope this one is a jenny, it will make everyone's life a lot easier. 

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