Friday, March 05, 2010


When Katie came a couple of months ago, Jenny got moved out of her pen in with Daisy Frijolita & Hanna. Katie needed to eat by herself so we could monitor her food intake.  She's been doing pretty good, losing a little weight.  But I think Jenny is also losing weight, & she is so gangly & bony, she doesn't need to be losing.  Although the hay was there, I would imagine Hanna & Frijolita  were eating faster than Jenny.  We thought about waiting until Gus goes to his new home next Monday, & feeding Katie in his pen.  She is rather feisty, but then again so is Hanna.  We moved Katie into the jenny pen & Jenny back to her old pen a couple of days ago.  It's really went very well, both Katie & Hanna are "ear pinners", but we make sure there are plenty of feeding areas.  Daisy & Frijolita wait until the 2 "kids" decide where they want to eat, & then find their places.  Jenny seems to be real happy to be back in "her" pen.  She & Pepper share a fence & Pepper seems to like having his "big" girl back.  He insists on going out & eating with her & she doesn't seem to mind.  So once we get all the hay parceled out, we go back & let him in with her.  

I haven't been putting Sha'ba's blanket on the last few nights.  It's been staying above freezing & he's got a heavy coat.  When we go out in the morning he's perky, so I don't think he's getting too cold.  Pepper on the other hand will have to be blanketed until the nighttime temperatures are above 50*.  He doesn't have a ounce of fat on him.  When I go out to put the blanket on he stands just as still as a statue, so I think he appreciates having it on at night, even if he has to stay in the pens.  

Since Daisy & Frijolita are the only 2 that Paladin chases with a vengence, the latest game plan is (how many of these have we had?) everyone goes out during the day when we're here.  As long as Paladin behaves himself he can stay out.  BUT, if we hear pounding hooves & see Frijolita & Daisy running towards us or the house, in he goes.  It didn't take the girls long to figure out how to get rid of him, find the people & run past them.  

At night he can go out.  We were keeping all the girls in, at least the ones that make the "jenny" herd, but since he doesn't bother Katie or Jenny & Hanna kicks the snot out of him, when he gets pushy, they now go out at night & Daisy & Frijolita have to stay in.  BUT, they get access to the pens & all the leftover hay, so it's not such a bad deal.  

We've had a couple of people interested in Paladin & will be doing a home study next week for him.  If he goes to a new home I have a feeling we will miss him more than we think we will.........!!!  (G)  Although he is a challenge, that is what makes him special.  He's actually very sweet natured, although sometimes I'd like to pinch his head off.  

That goes for Gus too.  He will be going to his new home Monday.  Yesterday he got ahold of John's sweat shirt that got discarded as the day warmed up.  We saw him shaking it & playing with it.  It was cute, until John took it away from him, & saw the holes that had been chewed in it.  When we work in the back yard he knows we're digging up bermuda grass.  So he parks himself beside the wall & waits patiently for us to bring it to him as we dig.  If he sees you lay it on the ground rather than immediately bring it to him, he tells you about it.  What a goof he is.............!!!


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