Saturday, March 20, 2010

Lupe & Chico

It was getting dark by the time I had time to take a picture, so their eyes look a little shiny in the flash.  Once we got Lupe in the trailer, Chico jumped right in, guess he wanted to make sure momma didn't go without him. 

We stopped to eat lunch at a truck stop before we picked them up.  Before we left John decided he'd make a "pit stop".  I went to buy a newspaper & after a few minutes I saw him headed out the door.  I ran to catch up & he asked if I had seen what happened.  It seems when he came out of the bathroom, one of the employees was trying to move a stack of containers with a dolly.  The containers probably had sodas or something in them, John isn't really sure.  With perfect timing, he walked out just as the stack of containers that were about shoulder high, fell over on..............guess who.........???   As he went over he grabbed at some scales for people to weigh on & it went down with him with glass breaking on the way.  He said people came over & helped extricate him from containers, scales & whatever else was involved.  He's lucky that he had on steel toed boots, (what he wears when going donkey wrangling) & that his recently operated on shoulder was clear of most of the carnage.  From what he said it's probably a good thing it wasn't a small person, like me or it might have been worse.  As it is one of the first things some of the people said was, "you better fill out an accident report".  

Lupe & Chico seemed to settle into their pen just fine.  I was afraid since they have been running loose on acreage, they might get spooky being in a pen, but it doesn't seen to be a problem.  They like attention & being petted although Chico is a little squirrely & stand offish.  Of course one of the first things I did was check him to see if he had the 2 little things, that are the reason we brought them here.  He didn't appreciate me getting that friendly maybe that's why he's squirrely.  Anyway I didn't find either one, I hope because of all the excitement he's sucked them up & once he's more comfortable they'll show up.  We'd like to get him gelded as soon as possible, so they can go back home.  But we have to have something to work with.

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