Monday, March 08, 2010

BYE-BYE GUS.....!!!!

  We took Gus to his new home today.   This is going to be a good home for him, they have 3 geldings & he likes horses better than donkeys.  When he came back a few months ago, he spent the first couple of days looking for Max the horse that had been here when he left.  Of course Max died in August, so he wasn't here.  He spent some time with the mules, & liked to play with Paladin, but for the most part he stayed by himself.  He spent most of the time after we let him out of the trailer, sticking his nose thru the corral panels, like in the picture.  

He made sure we would remember him, yesterday he took the hook we use to attach the hay wagon to the golf cart out & John had to find it.  He also took a big bite out of the seat in the golf cart.  John said he just want to make sure we'd miss him.  We will miss him, he has loads of personality, if you can channel it. 

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