Tuesday, March 23, 2010

THIS ISN'T GOOD...............!!!!

I have good news & bad news..........the good news is, Chico & Lupe have settled in nicely.  The bad news is.........I checked Chico & he has nothing in his "purse".  Since he is here to get gelded, we need to figure out a plan B I guess.  I checked him the night we brought them in, so hopefully he was just scared & sucked them up.  I haven't checked him again, thought I'd give him time to get use to the place.. He wasn't real impressed with being groped & let me know it as fast as his little hind feet could kick.  We plan on worming everyone tomorrow morning, so I'll put him in the squeeze & see if anything has dropped.  

He would still like to nurse, but for all practical purposes Lupe has let him know the free lunch is over.  She is a rather authoritative type mother, &  makes her point very clear, so he's about given up on that particular past time.  

Mae & a friend of hers had put a halter on Chico.  I thought it looked too tight, & took it off as soon as we got them in their pen.  Poor little guy, it was so tight it had rubbed both cheeks, under the jaw & over the poll raw.  In fact behind the ears was indented about 1/2 inch into the skin & bloody.  I asked Mae & she said they both put 2 fingers under it.  She said they only did it a few days ago, so he didn't grow that much I don't think.  I'm sure he feels a lot better, I haven't tried putting another halter on it, until he heals.  I won't be surprised if he isn't thrilled at the idea of having one put on again.  But we'll go slow & make a game out of it.  

Courtney came out & trimmed Sunday.  Jenny has a foot that is falling apart, Courtney said it might be because of the wet weather we've had.  I hope so, her feet are so lousy inside that it's a wonder they don't look worse I guess.  I've soaked it a couple of times, & Courtney said probably ought to soak some more. 

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