Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Did Paladin's home study as planned, although I managed to get lost & was late getting there.  I think it will be a good home for him, he will have Mr. Hershey to play with & also a horse.  Mr. Hershey is smaller than Paladin, but now that Paladin seems to be "finally" acting more like a gelding it shouldn't be a problem.  A couple of days ago, he came in with Daisy & Frijolita as his little herd.  I guess they have finally stopped running from him.  We still won't leave him out if we aren't here, just to be on the safe side.  

Everyone else is acting like a bunch of  love struck boys & girls.  Some of the "relationships" are very interesting.  John caught Hanna & Jack the mule grooming each other again.  And for the last 2 or 3 days, BlackJack has decided that Jenny, "big girl", is his type.  BlackJack was a 10 year old intact jack when we got him about 11 years ago, which means he's getting into middle age.  Of course one of the first things we did was have him gelded.  He has never shown any interest in the girls at all.  But I guess something clicked in his brain, because he is a very loyal subject right now following her around like a puppy dog.  This morning when John was putting everyone in their pens, old rickety Pepper, went in with Jenny & wanted to show her what a wonder old boy he is.  John had to intervene to keep him from getting his silly old head kicked off.  

Right now they are really gnawing on the trees & the greasewood, or creosote bush.  John thinks he saw them eating some of the wild mustard that is coming up everywhere right now.  We didn't think they eat mustard, but maybe they do. 

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