Monday, March 15, 2010

GUS UPDATE.........!!!

Heard from Gus's new family this morning.  He's busy running with the geldings, & hitting Chief with a Jolly Ball when he can.  He's already got the family trained to pay attention to him when they come out of the house by bellowing & they think he is just great.  Sounds like it will be a wonderful home for Gus-Gus Goofball.  He couldn't have gone to just any home, he would have been bored, & turned into a pest.  The reason we originally got involved in his life was because he was eating the garden & flowers on a ranch & they wanted him gone.  But it sounds like Joe & Amy will enjoy his antics.

I am doing a home study today for Paladin.  He's settled down quite a bit & is actually behaving himself.........usually.  Right now he is missing a big strip of hair on both ears.  I would imagine Quilla has grabbed ears when they are play fighting & didn't let go when Paladin pulled away.  In the wild a lot of the old jacks are missing ears or parts of ears, for just that reason. Only in that case, it isn't in play it can be to the death.

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