Monday, March 01, 2010

GOTCHA PALADIN..........!!!!

Finally found something to get Paladin's attention & keep it.  Yesterday it rained, all day long & I do mean all ALL DAY.........!!!!!  We were suppose to have a tour yesterday morning, the woman called to reschedule, but John had already went out to pick up the new apples.  We like to have it at least look like we've made an attempt to tidy up for tours, although the donkeys do their best to  make it look like we haven't.  They seem to think a pen without apples is a waste of space.  Anyway, when he went in Pepper's pen, Pepper rammed his way out.  He tries this quite often, & usually we can stop him.  But he caught John off guard & once he gets part way out the gate you have to let him go, rather than take a chance on pushing him off balance.  Believe me he takes delicate handling on a daily basis.  John came in to see what brilliant idea I might have.  Didn't have one, so decided to just let him stay out.  The reason this was a "problem" was he still had on his pretty blue blanket, & it was too cold & rainy to just take it off.  

As he toddled out to join the others, he found out what they think of a blue donkey with flappy sides.  No one would let him get anywhere near them.  Of course he moves so slow, they have to stay put for him to even catch up, which he spent the day trying to do.  Paladin was absolutely not having a thing to do with Pepper, & kept on point all day. So I guess there are two things he has spooked at, a little boy & a blue donkey with flappy sides.  

We're back to slogging mud in the girl's pen again, but today is bright & shiny.  So hopefully we'll start drying out...............again. 

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