Thursday, March 11, 2010

I had an interesting occurance yesterday.  We had gone to town & when we came home I went out to let Paladin out.  He is still having to stay in when Friolita & Daisy are out unless we're here to watch him.  I had my purse with me & he spooked, which is very unusual for him.  I tried to show him it wasn't a donkey eating monster, but he wasn't having anything to do with it.  I went ahead & let him out, figuring to work with him later.  Today we were gone again.  So when we came home I went to let him out, took my purse, & it wasn't even worth his time to investigate.  Just about the time I think I've figured donkeys out, they throw me a curve.  I thought about sticking it on his head, but it would have taken a long time just to unpack it. John says I need to get a smaller purse or put wheels on it.  

Yesterday, while I was standing at the pen trying to get him to at least look at the purse without snorting, Sha'ba came up behind me & started pushing on me.  He butts like a goat, & we've always let him do it.  It was good to see him assert himself, & he's small enough the chances of it getting out of hand are very slim.  After he pushed & butted on me & wasn't getting the expected results, all of sudden it felt like something was biting my butt.  Sure enough he was trying to up the ante on getting my attention.  He doesn't have enough teeth to really bite, but he was giving it his best shot.  

I guess it's spring, all of the girls & most of the boys are acting silly.  Might be a little early, there was snow in the area last night, just a dusting.  

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