Friday, March 19, 2010

We'll be leaving in about an hour to take Paladin to his new home.  He has been so good lately about being out with Daisy & Frijolita, that we decided last evening we'd let them out for the night.  About 11:30 the dogs started barking & I heard the sounds of thundering hooves.  Sure enough the dust was flying everywhere as the girls tried to stay ahead.  

As soon as he saw me, he took off for Burroland, he's certainly not stupid.  The girls were going to follow but I managed to get to the gate first.  Sure didn't want to have to round him or them up on an extra 20 acres in the dark.  Since I had them on this side of the gate, they were going to be the ones staying  in for the night.  I had to put a halter on Frijolita & lead her to the pen with Daisy following but they went quietly.  Both of them were sweaty from running around. 

This morning he was still playing only this time it was with Hanna.  She was giving as much as he could handle rearing & pushing.  He doesn't understand why he didn't get out after breakfast, so I placated him with some clicker training.  He really enjoys it & picks up quick.  Of course Buddy Brat was outside the pen & figured out Paladin was getting treats.  So I worked with him a little bit when I came out.  I've never worked with him, but donkeys are so smart it only takes them a minute or two to figure out touching the target gets you a treat.  And Buddy's life revolves around food, so he was a very willing victim. 

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