Tuesday, March 02, 2010

This morning John came in the feed room & said "you will never believe what I just saw".   Of course I have to play the game, which turned out to be, he saw 2 equines grooming each other & I was suppose to guess which ones.  I guessed 3 or 4 of the more unusual pairings & he finally told me it was Jack the mule, & Hanna.  He's right, never would I have guessed those two.  Jack doesn't even like to have the donkeys close to him, he usually squeals & moves away.  And Hanna is more of a "girly" type, & hangs out with Paladin if she does hang with anyone other than the girls.  So now I'm curious if this is going to happen again, my guess would be no, I can't even figure out how it happened in the first place..........!!!!!   

As far as we know Paladin has been behaving himself.  We went to town this afternoon & he got to stay out.  I noticed Daisy had a little dried sweat on her chest at feeding time, so she probably had ran a little.  But we've seen her run in front of him to get him to chase her, so as long as it doesn't get out of hand, we'll try to let him out as much as possible.  He's been staying in at night, but I think we'll let him out tonight & see how it goes. 

P.S. He didn't make it to 10pm, before the dogs started barking (they tattle) & Frijolita led him up by the house at speed. We went out, he saw us & took off for Burroland............grrrrrrrr!  It actually only took about 30 minutes to convince him that I wasn't giving up & he might as well go back over to his pen.  Well some of the others headed back towards the pens too.  I guess they figured there might be something in it for them, if I was over there stumbling around in the dark with a flashlight.  Or maybe they got tired of seeing the flashlight going everywhere.  I found all sorts of limbs to try to fall over, but actually managed to catch myself & also missed most of the hanging limbs that can really do a number on your face.  He kept turning around looking at me like, "Do I really have to"............and I kept saying "Go to your pen".  So once again, I guess he will have to stay in unless we can supervise him. 

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