Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Board of Directors by Maggie Polen

Checked Chico again this morning, & nope..........nothing there.  I talked to Mae today & we decided that we'll keep both of them for awhile & see what happens.  Sunday we plan on letting them out with the herd, there's no reason to keep them in a pen & Chico will get a chance to interact with other donkeys.  He'll have lots of uncles & aunts to teach him donkey manners.  Mae thinks that Paladin might have bred Lupe before we picked him up, so this will be a good opportunity to see if she reacts to the geldings at all.  If she thinks they are kinda sexy, she isn't pregnant.  But if she ignores them & they ignore her, Mae is probably going to have another little bundle of joy in July or August. 

I haven't heard from Linda yet, I assume Paladin is settling in with his new friends.

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