Sunday, March 28, 2010


We let them out before the others, so they would get a chance to look around without having to put up with a bunch of "nosies" in their business.  So far we've only had one crisis, Chico was down at the end of one row of pens, &  Lupe came back to the middle to get a drink out of the stock tank.  I guess he looked around & didn't see momma.  Here he came running as fast as his little legs would move.  She doesn't seem to care if he is there or not.  She also isn't paying any attention to the geldings, which isn't good.  If she continues to ignore them, I would imagine she is pregnant.  They seem to be enjoying being out, even with a trail of donkeys following them everywhere they go.  And of course the dogs are running in their pen & barking like maniacs.  Any time a new donkeys comes on the property the dogs act like they've never seen a donkey before for the first couple of days.  Some people were here the other day & asked if the dogs are ever out to play with the donkeys.  I told them as much as the dogs have teased the donkeys thru the fence & the donkeys have teased the dogs, I think someone would get hurt.  

If they get along OK today, which it looks like they will, we'll probably let them out tonight too.  Right now everyone is on just the 10 acres, but tonight we'll open up Burroland, so they'll have more area to explore.  

Well I guess old Pepper has made it thru another year.  Blanket season is over & he's actually eating & moving pretty good, so I think he will be good until next winter without too much worry.  I wish I could get some weight on him, he looks like a walking skeleton & has for a couple of years.  He eats good although he does go thru times when he doesn't.  Right now he's eating really good, so I try to up the ante on food.  He seems to have a built in gauge, he'll eat only so much.  If I try to add extra he leaves it.  Before the day is over he will probably be trying to "woo" Lupe, he really likes the ladies.  

We had visitors yesterday & when they called to come out the donkeys were already out, & all over the place.  I told the people we'd have to go root them out of the brush, which they seemed to think sounded like fun.  We found a group down below the house & Sha'ba was hanging out with them.  Anytime we go find him he will start following us.  He latched onto us, & followed us into Burroland & all the way over to the farthest fence.  He very rarely goes into Burroland & if he does it's usually just inside the fence.  John had to go back & rescue him after the people left.  I guess he forgot how to get back.  John went over & he was still standing in the same place, but as soon as he saw John he followed him back to this side.  

Everyone else seems to be doing pretty good, although Jenny isn't walking as well as I'd like.  Her feet are so nasty inside, who knows what's going on.  I am going to start her on some  high powered hoof supplements to see if it helps.  I will also have to soak her feet, although I think our recent rain probably had something to do with the changes in her feet.  But soaking is only for an hour or so, rather than day after day. 

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