Thursday, April 01, 2010

The latest plan of attack is to take Lupe & Chico back home next week & wait for something to drop.  I wish we weren't going into hot & fly season for his sake.  Hopefully if he hasn't dropped by now, he won't drop for a few months.  Mae will be in charge of checking him on a regular basis.  

He is a real cute little guy with his mom & dad's personality.  He's as mellow as Paladin & Lupe is very laid back, nothing seems to phase her.  I'm always amazed when we take the golf cart into a pen with a new donkey.  So far none have thrown a fit, like I think a horse would the first few times.  

If Lupe is pregnant Mae thinks she got PG last July.  Donkeys carry their babies between 360-380 days, a little bit longer than horses, so sometime in July or August we should know.  

When their pen is empty we will probably move Katie in there to eat by herself.  She is pretty much of a food whore, & probably is getting more of the communal hay that the other 3 girls are getting.  Not that they are going to starve to death, but she really needs to be on a strict diet for awhile.  

Well tomorrow should be "interesting".  We have 3 tours & a volunteer to help John work on some of the fencing.  We also plan on worming in the morning.  I have looked & looked at donkey poo under a microscope & have not seen one thing that looks like the pictures of worms, eggs etc.  So I don't trust my findings enough to not worm them.  I've just ordered more slides & will continue seeing if I can figure out what I'm looking at.  If John & Ben get done with the fencing, they might clear the pad area for our new water tank.  We've decided to get a 2600 gallon holding tank rather than just rely on the pressure tank for water.  We've not really had a problem with water, but we don't want to either. 

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