Tuesday, April 06, 2010


We took Lupe & Chico home this afternoon.  They actually loaded pretty easy, John got in the trailer with a carrot & that was all Chico needed, in he went.  Lupe wasn't quite so sure, but after a couple of abortive attempts she went in, got her carrot & hopped back out.  That's OK, we aren't of the "SHUT THE DOOR"  school of trailer loading.  We let them have a choice, of course the ground area they have is very small behind the trailer.  John backs the trailer up to the open gate & once they are close to the trailer we close the gate which means they can't get back in the pen.  So the option is to either stand in a very small area with nothing going on or hop in the trailer & get a treat & have the people make over you.  If they haven't had a bad trailer experience they usually opt for the treat route.  After a couple of minutes she hopped back in & I closed the back door.  

Mae was happy to have them home, & Lupe knew she was home.  As soon as we got there, she started fussing to get out of the trailer.  Opened it up, & out they came, as you can see they weren't too tramatized.  They hung around with us for a few minutes until they figured out no more treats & then wandered off, heads down chomping on some of the greenery our late winter rains are responsible for.

Mae will check Chico out frequently & hopefully it won't be too long before he drops & we can bring him back & have him gelded.  

We split the jennies up.  Hanna & Katie stayed in the jenny pen, Daisy & Frijolita moved over to the pen Lupe & Chico had been using.  Daisy & Frijolita were a little confused until they figured out there was food in that pen too, then it was OK.  

We've been doctoring Jenny's eye for a probable ulcerated cornea.  We were going to take her to the vet Friday, when I noticed it was cloudy, but Nancy wasn't available. So John went in & picked up the ointments (2) & we have been putting them in her eye as prescribed.  It seems to be getting better or we would have made an appointment & taken her in.  We're keeping a fly mask on her to keep the sun from irritating it.  She's keeping it open & it only weeps when we put the ointment in, & it looks like it's less cloudy, so hopefully we won't have to take her in.  When we first started Friday it took a halter, lead & a LOT of patience.  Jenny can be a real formidable opponent.  She's strong & determined.  She's stopped jumping around like a grasshopper, & now we can doctor her without the halter & lead & she doesn't wiggle TOO much.  Of course treats are expected & this morning John forgot.  I noticed her body language & although she already had her fly mask on I can well imagine the look on her face.  I told John he better come up with a treat real quick, or her level of cooperation probably wasn't going to continue.  

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