Tuesday, April 27, 2010


This is what Quilla's legs looked like when he arrived last August.  Although I couldn't get them healed before winter I managed to control them & even got them to be less "angry".  Over the winter with less sunshine & cooler temperatures, they healed up although no hair grows on the scarred areas. 

I started gathering up my "toys", 2 different kinds of leg covers, & assorted ideas on different potions to try.  We've been doing pretty good using the Vetericyn, although if I was late putting it on in the afternoon he would have a couple of round bloody spots show up, & it isn't even hot on a regular basis yet.  Since it seemed like the afternoon sun made them worse, I thought I'd try using sunblock, it moisturizes, blocks sun rays & hopefully smells bad to flies.  I got children's sunblock, thinking it might be easier on fragile skin.  Tried it today & he didn't have one spot this afternoon.  I know there aren't any miracles, but I'm hoping this will work for him.  And for me, a couple of swipes with sunblock twice a day is much easier than having to cover his legs with a covering, that as we get hotter, would probably make his legs sweat.  That would probably exacerbate the problem. 

Pepper's walking pretty good, Jenny not so good.  It seems like it's impossible to get everyone mobile & unhurt.  Pepsi came in this morning with a poked weepy eye.  He might be little, but he is determined that we will NOT stick anything in his eye.  Had to halter him & finally had to cram him in a corner, he still wasn't easy.  Later on I thought it would be a good idea to put a fly mask on in case the eye was sensitive to light.  The little pill, threw a short kick in my direction.  It wasn't anywhere near me, but we both knew what he was doing.  I threatened to kill him for about 3 seconds & he decided maybe getting a fly mask put on wasn't so bad after all. 

Looks like Remington might be coming back. 

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