Tuesday, April 13, 2010



With springtime, warm weather, & lots of sunshine, I have to start doctoring some of the fur kids daily.  At least Jenny's eye is just fine now, although I had to pluck a cactus spine out of her cheek this morning, very close to her eye.  I would imagine the cloudy eye crisis was, she poked her eye with a cactus, trying to snarf up some delicious little green plant, trying to survive by hiding under a cactus.  

I will be glad when the rites of spring are over & the boys  & girls stop acting like........well........boys & girls.  I don't mind all the boy & girl stuff, but the jenny, jenny stuff is wearing thin, not only for me but I think Tula is getting rather tired of it.  The other jennies take turns having to be right with her, touching her if at all possible.  Tonight it was Hanna, Tula kept trying to get away from Hanna & go to her pen.  When the jennies are staying with her like that, she won't go in her pen, she doesn't want them in there with her.  So she's running all over the place & Hanna is staying so close to her I couldn't separate them.  GRRRRRRR.......!!!  Finally Tula managed to go on one side of the pens & Hanna went the other.  Tula immediately went to her pen, so I could shut the gate.   Then it was just a matter of getting Hanna into her pen.  Lynn is the silliest one, she won't leave Tula's gate, so you have to sometimes put a halter on her & literally drag her to her pen.  I guess it has something to do with her being the alpha jenny, but I've never found anyone to explain it to me. 

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