Friday, April 09, 2010

MUST BE SPRING.........!!

Today was the first day John has worn shorts, so I assume it must be spring.........!!!!  Boy he needs to work on his tan, his legs look rather anemic, it won't take long I'm sure it was in the 80's today & bright sunshine.  

Jenny's eye is doing real good, no more cloudiness, although we're still doctoring just in case.  John will be going to Phoenix tomorrow to watch a NASCAR race, so I'll be "chief cook & bottle washer" for the day.  Haven't figured out how I'm going to put ointment in her eyes by myself, but guess I'll give it a try.  She's been holding still, so maybe she'll cooperate without John holding her head.  

Seems like this is the week for our summer sores to start being a problem I guess.  Unfortunately once they start it will be a constant battle until next winter.  Cisco has been scooting on his sheath, so I'm keeping zinc oxide on it.  Flies don't seem to be a problem yet, so I assume it's spring allergies, the sun, heat or something.  Whatever it is, Quilla's legs are also breaking out as of today.  Sigh!  I have 3 or 4 different types of coverings for his legs, but if they fit too close I'm afraid they will irritate the sores.  I have one called Ouch Socks that probably will be my best covering.  I'll try it tomorrow & see what happens.  
Here's a picture I took this afternoon of Pepper, our Lounge Lizard.  This morning he came in from Burroland with the herd, ears up & trying to keep up with the "ladies", especially Jenny, he really likes her.  He stopped in the pen area & wouldn't move, I would imagine his legs hurt him.  He's got 3 out of 4 that don't work very good.  But you couldn't hardly tell when he was with the girls.  John put everyone in their pens, & finally had to get the halter, you don't have to put it on him, you just have to carry it.  By that time I guess his adrenalin had wore off, because it took him a long time to get to his pen, poor old guy.  The mind is willing, but many years as a roping donkey has taken it's toll on him.  But he'll be ready to go tonight when John lets them out. 

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