Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Judy's body is starting to look normal, rather than looking like she is pregnant. Since she is a mule, "I DON'T THINK SO"...........!!!!! The pergolide seems to be working, although Patti said she would probably shed quicker if I had her on chasteberry, rather than pergolide. With her "sensitive" palate, I doubt that she would touch it. She has a way of looking at me when she thinks I'm trying to sneak something past her. So far I am managing to get her to eat the pergolide. It's a teeny tiny amount of powder & if I take it out of the capsule & put it on top of her beet pulp & soaked hay pellets then throw the capsule in the pan, for her to find & refuse..........so far, so good..........!!!

This morning we combed out Frijolita's tail. What a mess that was, the wad was about 8 inches long & packed real tight. Since she is suspicious of men, I held the front & John worked on the back. He actually has more patience for that sort of thing than I do anyway. He can even get necklaces untangled.........!!!! She did real good, even when he was trying to pry the wad apart with a hoof pick. Some hair got pulled out or broke off, but we managed to save the length. Sprayed it with conditioner which really made a difference. We had to close all 3 gates going into Chester's pen, where we were working on her. BlackJack was trying to get in one, Judy was at another one, & Justin had the other one captured. There was no food in there, but they seemed to think that what we were doing needed their help. BRATS!

Chester has been limping more the last couple of days. I'm still massaging his leg most mornings & have noticed that when his limp is worse, he has a big egg size lump right behind his shoulder blade. Martha that does the massaging says she thinks it's the end of his tri-flex muscle. If I try to rub the lump with a lot of pressure, he acts like he's going to bite me, so I assume it is sore. You can tell if he likes what you are doing, his lips start flopping around.

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