Sunday, March 22, 2009


Daisy got released from solitary this afternoon. She went out & promptly ate a poor little greasewood bush about 8 inches tall. I don't know what they find so tasty about greasewood, but it seems they all go for them the first time they get out. Didn't see her for awhile, & the next thing we see a rather large herd following her, with Tula in the lead. We watched for awhile, & made sure they weren't being mean. Tula got a little close a couple of times, & Daisy threw a kick in her direction. A few minutes later, everyone dispersed & went on about their business. When John rounded everyone up at feeding time this evening, she was in the wash by herself, & readily followed him to her pen. We always wonder if they will go back in their pen, & they always do. She finished her hay tonight, so she got to go out. Wonder where she will be in the morning?

We had a nice couple come out today to see if Rocky might fit into their family. They got a donkey last month & are looking for him a friend. We will do a home study next week-end, & if everything is OK, Rocky will have his forever home. They also might be interested in little Pepsi. He has had a sarcoid tumor under his eye at least twice & it looks like it's coming back again. It will probably have to be surgically removed, so I don't know if we would let him go at this time or not.

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