Friday, March 13, 2009

No skunk this morning, & all 8 chickens were running around inside their house...............!!!! I set the trap again tonight in the pen, & shut the chickens up in their house. Hopefully it will be empty in the morning. I REALLY don't want to have to deal with a skunk........!!!!!! (G)

Courtney came out today to trim Frijolita. When she was here 3 weeks ago, Frijolita was limping around, so she couldn't be trimmed. She's fine now. She was a pretty good girl, Courtney trimmed her at her old home, so they know each other. She tried trimming on Pepper & he almost fell down. He is pretty frail, & I haven't been able to figure out anything that will help his creaky old joints. He's an old roping donkey, & I would imagine his joints have just worn out. He still goes out everyday, eats a little cactus, stands in the sun or shade depending on the temperature & limps around slowly when it's time to go back in his pen. He's actually eating a lot better than he was a few months ago, which is good. I was worried that he wouldn't make it thru the winter. He is both insulin resistant & has Cushings disease, so we watch him pretty close.

Martha also came out & massaged Chester's shoulder & leg. He's been pretty lame recently, but after she worked on him he was walking pretty good. I hope that means that the problem is with his injury & not a return of the infection. She said he didn't seem to be particularly sore, she couldn't get him to react when she poked & prodded him. He really seems to like her working on him, although when he's had enough he'll try to get her to scratch his butt rather than keep working on the leg.

John's Mom's surgery went very well considering she's 96 years old. The surgeon was very pleased & they didn't even put her in ICU, she went straight from recovery to the surgical ward. I don't think she'll be up a dancing tomorrow, but we're very happy with how well she is doing so far. He said if she continues to do well, he'll probably try to come home Wednesday.

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