Friday, March 06, 2009

I think California is blowing thru on it's way to New Mexico today. Spring winds in the desert can really be strong. The donkeys REALLY hate wind, & usually act like it's my fault, if I try to do anything with them while the wind is blowing.

I thought Judy was doing so good, for the last few days she has looked svelte. But this morning her belly is sticking out on both sides just like it was before I started giving her pergolide. Hmmmm.......!!!! it seems like I spend most of my time, trying to figure out what's going on with these guys. So now I'm not sure if her belly is caused by the cushings in which case I would think the pergolide would do it's job. Or if at her age of 23 she's getting a gut. But if that was the case, why would it have gone down for a few days? Rusty our 31 year old mule is pretty round also. He has no health problems, & is losing his topline a little bit due to age. BUT, there is one big difference between them, she is ribby & he isn't. Which brings me back around to, "what's going on with Judy".

It looks like I'll be chief cook & bottle washer next week. John has to make an emergency trip back to Indiana for a few days. Boy, the gang really gets grumpy when there is only one of us doing the slave labor. For some reason it seems to take 3 times as long for one to do chores, as it does for two, & the equines are all very good at keeping track of time. It would go much quicker, IF they all marched into their pens as soon as they saw the "chore giver" coming out of the house. But they don't, sometimes it's like a scavenger hunt gathering them all up. We really enjoy it, when they all stand in the wash watching us. Actually I'm a little less inclined to patiently encourage them to go into their pens than John. He is an old softy & has infinate patience, no matter how long it takes. They all know if I stand in front of them & point, that it's time to move.

I hope everyone stays healthy while John is gone. He leaves the tow van hooked up to the trailer, but I'd rather not have to haul anyone by myself.

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