Saturday, March 07, 2009

Usually when I carry Judy's hay in her pen I just open the gate & leave it open until I go back out. A couple of times she's gone out, but when I yelled at her or went out & headed her direction she would go back in. Last night she decided to act like a mule, & go out.............BUT...........this time she decided to see how determined the human was. We went around the pens a couple of times & she went back in. I left the gate open to prove I should be able to, she went out again to prove she could............. GRRRR! These power struggles are really irritating at the time, although I always find them funny after the fact, once I get my breath back. Around & around we went again a few more times than the first time. I picked up a play rope to "encourage" her & when she finally decided to go into the pen, I threw it in her direction. It "grazed" her hip, it wasn't even a hit. She turned around, went back out the gate, prancing & kicking up her heels. I think she might have given me a dirty look on her way past. We went around the pens a few more times, & finally she went again. This time she stood politely by the bunk waiting for me to put the hay in....with the gate OPEN. You think they don't have a sense of humor?

Her tummy is back down again, maybe it was all that exercise.......!!! (G)

I'm glad Martha is coming Monday to see Chester, he seems to be limping more than usual. He's learned to pull against me, when I lift his bad leg at the knee & pull on it. It must feel good, cause it makes his lip wiggle.

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