Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Daisy got here late this afternoon, just about feeding time. I had put everyone in their pens, except for Chester & Tula, who usually hold out until they see me headed for their pens with their pans. Ned drove in dropped the ramp on the trailer, & my first thought was, "it's a little yak, not a donkey". My goodness she's a hairy little girl. She wasn't quite sure she wanted to come out of the trailer. Of course after a few minutes, Chester showed up & was trying to either meet the new girl, or get in the trailer. I finally got him out of the way, & she came hopping out. Since she is going to be in a pen for a few days to get use to the place, I moved Judy to the emergency pen & put Daisy in Judy's pen. I don't think Judy cares as long as she gets fed.

Once she was in the pen she started checking it all out & trying to figure out what was happening. She seems to be very sweet natured. I asked her Mom about all that hair, I thought maybe she had Cushings. But according to Lynne she has always had long hair & lots of it.

Tomorrow I'll take some pictures of her & get to see her better. By the time I got thru feeding, it was getting dark. I'll let everyone out tonight as usual, so she will probably have lots of company during the night.

This morning I spent about an hour, trying to get Tula in her pen. I really wasn't interested in her, but unfortunately the minis were attached to her like glue. So in order to get them in their pens, I needed to get rid of their "leader". Nothing like starting the day off with LOTS of exercise...........!!!!

John comes in tomorrow night about 9:15 at the airport.................!!!!!! YIPPEE........!!!!!


PaintedPromise said...

hey there Tish, what a cutie Daisy is! maybe she had Poitou in her background? they are a pretty hairy breed of donkey... and funny you mention Judy, today i met her owner! i bought a pack saddle from him, and while we were talking he mentioned a burro rescue in Benson that had his mule Judy for treatment and i said, is that Tish? and he said yup and i said, I KNOW HER!!!

Tish said...

Good grief, it's a small world isn't it? Yes, Judy's been here since January, & I think she's looking pretty good.

No I don't think Daisy has Poitou, although I have a couple that probably have some Poitou way back when. She actually looks a lot like some of the British Isle donkeys, she was a BLM burro off the range years ago.