Wednesday, March 11, 2009

AND SO IT GOES..............!!!!

Everything is going pretty good while John is gone to Indiana. Although I am getting a little too much help from some of the gang. Actually it's not so much help as it is, taking advantage of the one human that is here. I do have to say they have been very good on leaving tidy piles of poo in the pens. For some reason the last few days they have not only piled it, but haven't walked thru it as much a they usually do. We always thought they were trying to design scavenger hunts for us, you know, "see if the old folks can find each & every "apple". We also have a few that like to walk-a-bout as they go. The other day someone strung a line from one pen & halfway across the next pen.

This morning it was time to carry out the trash, which is usually John's area of expertise. I loaded it in the golf cart & headed up to the garage. On the way the "fat" farm abeit BlackJack, Cisco, & Buddy Brat, started yelling at me, they had finished their hay & wanted out. Being the good little slave I am, I stopped to let them out. Of course the minis saw them getting out & wanted out too. Then Jenny, & Judy, & poor old pokey Pepper. Pepper is so eager to get out, but usually gets about halfway thru the gate, & forgets where he is going. So we usually stand by for awhile, & eventually give him a nudge. We also have to protect him from the others, mowing him down in the gate, as they race into his pen, where they know there is leftover hay. The point is, I left my golf cart with trash & garbage, sitting WAAAAAY too long in the driveway.

Trash was everywhere, the little culprits were busy throwing the sacks around, looking for the best stuff. I yelled & Justin & Pepsi took off. I'm surprised it wasn't BlackJack, he usually is the first one to find treasures, especially if it might be food.

John's Mom is suppose to have surgery either tomorrow or Friday, so I don't know when he'll be coming home. Sometime next week I would imagine.

Courtney & Martha didn't get out Monday as planned. They are suppose to be here Friday. Chester is walking pretty good again, I sure wish I knew what causes him to limp badly sometimes.

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