Monday, March 30, 2009


Most of today, whenever I went outside I would see Daisy standing around with the "horsey" group. But when John went out to round up for supper, she was no where to be seen. Most of the donkeys were missing, & we assumed they were over on Burroland. When John ran out of equines over here he headed over there. He had been gone about 5 minutes & all sizes & types of donkeys came running from over there. And sure enough one of them was Daisy. She came thru the gate, trying to kick up her heels, dust flying everywhere. Everytime she came close to another donkey she'd try to kick up her heels. I think it's been awhile since she tried that, because she seems to be out of practice. I thought she was going to fall a couple of times. She disappeared down below the pens, while everyone else headed for their pens. John went down to find her & she followed him back to her pen like a lady. He said when the others saw him, they took off running to the gate, any excuse to act silly I guess. Daisy didn't get the "memo" & got left behind when the others started running. I guess she didn't know why they were running & started trying to catch up. John said he doesn't think she's ever ran in trees before, & she kept having to duck & swerve. If she had slowed down a little she might have seen the trails the others were running on. When they run like that over there, you would swear they are going to hit a tree. But they know where the trails are.

This morning Chester was walking with almost no limp at all. He was following John to his pen, & for a moment I didn't recognize him, he was walking so good. I still stretch his leg every day. In fact all I have to do is hold his leg up & hang onto the knee & he will pull against me, & stretch it himself. He will always limp, but hopefully we can keep the tendons from contracting & keep him from limping too much.

Judy has managed to wiggle her way into the inner circle of the horsey group. When they are standing under the mesquite, she usually ends up standing closer to Max, the horse than either Jack or Rusty. I assume there is some type of hierarchy at work. I know one thing, she has made a believer out of all the pen runners, looking for hay. All she has to do is pin her ears & they take the hint. BlackJack is the only one that even attempts to hold his ground, but it usually doesn't do him any good, she runs him off anyway.

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