Thursday, March 26, 2009

For once the weatherman was right. They said it was going to be windy today, & they were RIGHT.......!!!!! The donkeys absolute hate wind with a passion. I looked out one time & Daisy was standing under a tree by the driveway. Her long hair was standing up & flopping all over the place.

When it was time for afternoon round-up, we noticed the usual suspects were missing & probably over on burroland. John rounded up everyone else & finally went over to find them. As soon as they see you they head for the pen area, which is really irritating, if you have walked the 20 acres looking for them. Tula & Chester went right in their pens, & I had Jenny & the 4 minis in their pens before John caught up.

Tomorrow we are going to haul a horse for a nice lady, who's friends or aquaintances wanted to charge her $75 to move her horse from one side of Tucson to the other. The old saying "with friends like that who needs enemies" comes to mind........!!!

One time I was in the express line at Safeway in Benson. You might know I didn't have enough money for what I was buying, which of course messes up the whole reason for having an express line. All of a sudden a hand came up beside me with a dollar bill in it. I turned around to thank the person & it was Baxter Black the cowboy poet & humorist, who has lived in Benson for years. Anyway I thanked him & he said, " not a problem ma'am, just helping life move along". So I guess that's what we're doing, helping life move along. I guess their time, gas & trailer are worth more than ours is...........!!!! (G)

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