Sunday, March 15, 2009

John's Mom passed away in her sleep Saturday night. Everyone was very shocked, as she had been doing so well. She had made all her arrangements long ago, even her obituary. John will be busy the next couple of days, but is planning on coming home Wednesday night, unless something unforeseen happens.

The donkeys & I are getting along pretty good, although Chester is still limping more than I would like. He did real good right after Martha worked on him, but is regressing somewhat. That leg seems to be warmer than the other one, Martha noticed it also.

Some of the "horsey" group are starting to shed a little bit. Rusty the white mule with rusty spots, is shedding more than any of the others. I even noticed if you pull on Judy's hair a little bit, a few hairs come out. That's a good sign with a Cushings horse or mule on pergolide, it helps them to shed properly. The donkeys probably won't start shedding until June or July, they are usually only slick for a few weeks & then start getting fuzzy again.

Looks like we will be getting a new girl Tuesday. Her name is Daisy & I'll wait till she gets here to tell her story. This puts us over our self imposed limit of 20. Hopefully Judy will be able to go home soon, which will drop us down to the magic number again. We probably should start looking for a "forever home" for the few we have that would have a chance at a home of their own. We've been in no hurry, but healthy donkeys take up space that could be used for those that really need sanctuary. I was hoping Frijolita would bond with Rocky, they would make a beautiful couple. Unfortunately he acted like such a silly boy when she got here, I don't think she even likes him now. She hasn't really found a friend although she spends a lot of time with Tula & the minis, or as John calls them Snow White & the "4" dwarfs. Tula is definately an alpha jenny, whether she wants the job or not. They follow her like she was the Pied Piper.

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