Thursday, April 02, 2009


Lynne & her friend got here this afternoon to visit with Daisy, & of course everyone else. We let the equines out on the 10 acres, so we had to go "find" them. Wasn't too difficult, most of them were right by the driveway, & Lynne saw Daisy when she drove in. Daisy seemed happy to see Lynne, & I know Lynne was happy to see Daisy. They visited for quite sometime & most of the other donkeys came by to get petted, & make sure there wasn't any food being offered. Lynne wants to come back in a few weeks to visit again, which is great. It's not often we have owners that stay involved in the donkeys lives. In fact I can count on one hand the owners that have called or e-mailed even once. Daisy is a very lucky girl to have such a caring family.

When Lynne & Daisy were visiting Rocky was trying to horn in. Daisy kept feinting kicks in his direction. I haven't noticed them having any problems, so I guess she was just telling him to stay away, while she visited with her Mom. He's still a kid in a lot of ways & likes to have his nose in everyone's business. He will be going to his new home Sunday, so he'll have to spend some time learning to get along with Harley & his new family. He'll do just fine, he doesn't have any negative issues that have to be dealt with, life is just a lot of fun from his point of view.

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