Thursday, April 09, 2009

SHOT DAY......!!!!!

Pile of individual shots awaiting their fate

I HATE SHOT DAY...........!!!!!! Some of them don't mind, some mind a little bit, some have a 6th sense about what is happening & Jack & Rusty, both mules don't even get shots, because they are such brats about it.

It actually went pretty good. We even put Tula in the corral panel squeeze we "designed" & shot her for the first time. She's been here 3 years & we had never even attempted to shoot her. She did better than some of the others, although she wouldn't take the ginger snap we always give afterwards until I went to the other side. She'll have to get a booster in 3 weeks, hopefully she will be at least as cooperative as she was today.

Years ago Buddy Brat had a reaction to a rabies shot, that caused a lot of panic & John driving like a maniac to the Vet's office for a shot. Since then we keep Recover & epinephrine on hand, just in case. Haven't had to use it so far, & hope I never do, especially the epinephrine. The instructions are..........2 cc's in a vein or the tongue.................!!! I've never done a vein, & sure don't want to do a tongue.................!!!! UGH! I know I should learn to shoot a vein, but hate to practice on my guys. I have a couple that have had so many shots, that they no longer react at all. But it doesn't seem right to poke them unless there is a reason. I don't want to know how Vets learn to do procedures.

Yesterday Cisco was almost 3 legged lame. Except for his immune problems he's usually healthy & no problem. I checked him out & couldn't find anything warm, swollen, sore or reactive in any way. One time John saw him & he wasn't putting any weight on it at all. Gave him bute last night & this morning he's walking fine................!!!!! I sure wish I knew what makes these guys tick, they show me every day how little I know.

I shaved a spot to give Daisy her shot. As much hair as she has, I was afraid I wouldn't be able to tell if I had it where it needed to be or not. She was a good girl, once she led John on a merry chase to put the halter on. They all seem to know that he isn't real quick with putting on a halter & take advantage of him. She turned away from him & walked right up in front of me & stopped. But I didn't have the halter, he did. She stood there until he caught up, & handed over the halter, & stood still while I put it on her. You think they don't have a sense of humor.......?????

Speaking of hair Judy is actually shedding some of her long hair, not in great gobs, but it's a start. The pergolide is helping to control the Cushings, but doesn't help with the shedding as much as the herb Chasteberry (Vitex) . I've ordered some, although as picky as she is about what I try to put in her feed dish, I don't know if she will eat it or not. It has a pretty strong smell. I gave it to Pepper for years, but he isn't exactly a connoisseur when it comes to food & will eat just about anything...........if he feels like it.

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