Tuesday, April 07, 2009

TRIM & MASSAGE DAY............!!!

Courtney & Martha were out today to work on those that needed it. Martha worked on Max the horse & Chester's crippled leg. She also checked Pepper & Judy. I noticed the last few days Judy had a hitch in her git-a-long on her right rear. I didn't understand all Martha's explanation, but there's a little round bone in the rear leg that can get a tendon caught on the wrong side. She said it will fix itself, but will take awhile. She's not lame or anything like that, just a little "hitchey".

Pepper has a sore spot on the bone above his hock. He is so scrawny with very little muscle he could have hit it, slipped or who knows what. He still pushes to get out & roams around, so hopefully it will get better with time.

Martha was quite pleased with Chester & how well he is walking. He loves for her to massage him, but when he's done he's done. He tells her by turning his butt around to be "massaged". She is so taken with him, she says her next equine will probably be a long ear...............!!!!! Yea! that's how we sucker in the horse people, one at a time.........!!! (G)

Max isn't doing too good, he doesn't really know where his hind legs are most of the time. The last few weeks he's really went downhill. It's been 7 years since his neck was broken, & since it wasn't treated at the time, arthritis has taken over. He could also have nerve damage. He's a big horse over 16 hands, 1200 pounds. So if he gets to the point where he falls, we will have to evaluate his quality of life.

Today was a milestone for Chester. This is the first time Courtney has been able to lift his good front leg to work on, while he stood on his bad leg. When he first came here, we had to have the vet put him on the ground to trim his feet, because he couldn't stand even to get the bad foot trimmed. These little miracles are what we look forward to.

This was Daisy's first trim since she came here. She was no problem, she's such a good girl. Martha knows how to clip, she use to work in show barns. So if Katie can't help me give Daisy a haircut, Martha said she could. As with all of us, getting the time to do it is a big concern. I don't want to do it all at one time, I'm sure even though Daisy is a easy going type of gal, that might be a little much.

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