Friday, April 10, 2009

Thanks Sherry for the Video.......!!!

Rocky & Harley or Harley & Rocky, I'm not exactly sure which is which. They really do look a lot alike, although Harley is built a little more drafty than Rocky. But you have to look real close to tell the difference. Sherry said Rocky was doing most of the chasing. Harley hasn't been with other donkeys for who knows how long, so he has some catching up to do. Rocky spent a lot of time while he was here, trying to get someone to play with him. Buddy Brat & Pepsi were his 2 best playmates, & he'd pick at Buster until he'd finally play a little. But if this video is any indication of how much they are going to run around & play fight, they are going to be busy. This is just one video Sherry sent, she took quite a few others, so they played for quite some time.

I was in Tucson today & John got a call from the Oasis Exotic Bird Sanctuary. Today was quite windy & about 1/4 of their winter cover for the birds that live outdoors came loose. It needed to be repaired & they needed all the hands they could find. So John went up to help. He said the wind was a real challenge, every time they would try to get the cover up & over the framework, the wind was really fighting them. They finally got it under control & were using wire ties to attach some of the cover to the cages. John said he was doing real good, & was down to the last wire tie. He was watching the cockatoo in the last cage, that was on the other side of the large walk in cage. John said he figured it wouldn't be any problem for him to poke the wire tie around the inside with his finger. WRONG.......!!!!!!! I guess a determined cockatoo is much quicker than a guy that doesn't know how fast a cockatoo can move if he wants to. The bad news is, he learned just how much power they have in their beaks. The good news is, he still has his finger. When he went whining & bleeding to the "real" bird people, they said they never go in with that particular bird without protection...............!!!! I would imagine that finger is going to be REALLY sore in the morning, it looks like it's been rather badly abused.

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