Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Well, according to Buster on the left & Lucy on the right. It was nice today & I opened the feed room dutch door. Lucy is continuing to blossom. As far as I know this is one of the first times she came up on the porch, & it's definitely the first time she has stuck her head in the door. Of course I rewarded bad behavior by giving them treats, but they were so cute about it. Their necks aren't long enough to reach anything edible, whereas when Max the horse sticks his head in he can knock the lid off 2 of the feed cans & help himself so I can't leave the top of the door open, unless he's in his pen.

The Furminator shedding tools got here & really works great to help with shedding, even on Judy & her long hair. This morning John was going to groom Max a little. I asked him what he was using & he said a brush. I told him to just try the Furminator & he really was impressed with the amount of hair he got. It must feel good, because they all stand like statues while you're grooming them, even Judy. Usually she squirms when you brush her, but she seems to like the Furminator.

Judy & I are having a power stuggle over the chasteberry. I got it to see if it would help her shed out since the pergolide didn't seem to make a difference. She ate the ground chasteberry mixed into her feed for a week or so. She started turning her nose up at it a couple of days ago. I tried putting in less, & she wasn't impressed at all, she'd smell it & give me "the LOOK"............!!! This morning I left out the chasteberry & she licked her pan & gave me "well you finally got it right" look............!!!

I'm still not putting fly masks on everyone. The longer I can put it off, the longer they can go over to Burroland during the day. The flies aren't very bad yet, & the ones that usually have runny eyes, are doing good, so I'll put it off as long as possible. Max the horse, the mules, Sha'ba & Pepper are wearing their masks. But none of them use the masks as toys, so we haven't had to look for any yet.

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