Sunday, April 12, 2009

The weather was a little iffy, yesterday & by the time we got to the racetrack it was spitting rain & sleet. The track is clay, so if you add rain on top of the clay it really get slick. They finally had to cancel the races when the rain started coming down hard. What a disappointment for all the kids looking forward to the planned Easter egg hunt. Of course all the drivers were pretty disappointed too.

So we got home about 3 hours earlier than we usually do, which thrilled the equines to no end. Everyone except Lucy, Buster, Daisy & Frijolita were in their pens because they weren't thru eating when I left. We got home about the usual time for John to let them out, so they were happy.

Judy the mule is playing games with me. She has been doing so good at eating her beet pulp, & soaked hay pellets mush, that also has her pergolide for Cushings & chromium & magnesium oxide to help with the insulin resistance. The last couple of days she has left about half of the mush, which means I don't know how much of the supplements she is actually getting. I swear she gives me looks that make me believe she has figured out there is "something" in there & she isn't going to eat it. The amount of powder she gets is miniscule & is even apple flavored.............but she's an interesting study in equine nature, unfortunately............... (G) Or perhaps she's just a typical mule, Rusty plays mind games too, with his daily benedryl. I can give him 4 tablets, & find 3 gently pushed to the side, accompanied by the "look".

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