Saturday, April 18, 2009


This is a picture of Katie & Daisy standing ankle deep in hair after the dirty deed was done. We decided to just body clip her. She has so much hair around her eyes, if we clipped it she'd need a pair of sunglasses to protect her eyes, or at least a fly mask till her eyes adjusted to the change. Then we decided if we just left hair on her head, she'd really look out of balance. If later on it looks like she needs more clipping I should be able to do it, although it probably won't be as easy as Katie made it look.

You can see the "extra" little saddle bags she's carrying. We're working on those, it will probably take a year or more to get her slimmed down. It has to be done very slowly or they can develop a nasty problem called hyperlipidemia. She's not a piggy eater & seems satisfied with what we feed her, except for the occasional mesquite limb that ends up in her mouth. But she's not as bad about eating the trees as some of the others. The minis spend most of their time, munching trees or bushes.

Katie brought a neat little shedding comb, I've never seen before. It's called a furilator or something like that. I should have listened closer when she told me what it was. I tried to find it on the internet, but my spelling is too far off, so I'll have to get the name next time I e-mail her. It really grabs the hair, she said it doesn't cut the hair, but it doesn't seem to pull, because everyone she used it on, including Nicky the dog, seemed to think it was great...............!!!

Miracles of miracles.........................Judy seems to like Chasteberry. I haven't got her up to a full amount, but so far she is eating it like it's good. It has an almost sage like smell, that doesn't do a thing for me, but so far she hasn't given me the "look" & is eating it. Hopefully it will help her shed out

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KatRatVet said... You can get them at Petsmart or other stores as well as most dog and horse mail order catalogs.