Thursday, April 30, 2009

A FIRST.............!!!!!

Well, John met his match this afternoon. He had gone to town & when he came home, the "herd" was at the gate. This isn't really unusual, they spend a lot of time in that area, for some reason.

Driving in has never been a problem, but today, they were really curious about the van, the gate & how this whole situation of "big metal box" going in & out of opening that isn't usually there works. I was in the house & didn't know about the problem. He said he kept trying to open gate, jump in van, drive thru & shut gate. I assume it looked something like a scene from a 30 year old movie called "the Gods Must be Crazy". The scene was about 10 minutes long of a guy trying to drive thru a self closing gate & was absolutely hysterical. But John never could put it all together before the minis & Frijolita tried to "run the gate". The first I knew of the problem, he was opening the back door & saying, "don't ask why I walked in". He waited about half a hour, & by then they had wandered off to bigger & better things.

I hope they didn't find this so entertaining that it becomes a routine past time. We've never worried about people opeing the gate & driving in before. I don't think it would be a problem to get most of them back in, if they did happen to get out. But I'd rather they never find out there is a great big world out there, they've never had a chance to explore.


PaintedPromise said...

oh boy, the open gate... i feel so fortunate that we have a perimeter fence and then separate areas out back for the equines... even if they manage to get a gate open, they are still INSIDE the yard. and we can open the front gate without worrying about anything but the dogs. they are trained so well that they DO NOT GO OUT THE GATE, that if you put a leash on and try to take them for a walk, you have to drag or carry them through the gate lol. we even had one who would pull out of his collar and run back to the gate begging to be let in...

Tish said...

I think most of our guys are like your dogs, they know a good thing when they see it.......!!