Sunday, May 03, 2009

Yesterday the equine had to stay in ALL day until after midnight last night. We spent the morning parking cars at the Oasis Exotic Bird Sanctary for their annual Open House. We set the alarm & got up early so we could get down there on time. Of course that made everyone happy, to get fed early. But we had to leave them in their pens. We got back about 1pm & started feeding them about 2pm, because last night was race night. Of course once we started feeding they were thrilled & forgot they had been in their pens all morning. Then we left again to go racing. I happy to report both cars made it on the track, finished their races & went up on the trailers with only a few battle scars. That is a first for this year, it's difficult to keep 2 cars up & running. We got home about 1am & of course weren't feeding at that time, but they were all excited to get out of their pens. I tell them they are lucky to be able to run around all over the place, rather than be stuck in a pen all the time, but they don't seem to appreciate freedom, as much as they expect it.

Today has been far, & they got out on time. I was helping John figure out why the clutch on the race car wasn't engaging & looked over in the barn where we keep the quad, tractor, golf cart & anything else we can squeeze in there. I had to look twice before I figured out that Tula was standing in the shed. It's 3 sided with all that "stuff" in it, & I would have thought she would feel trapped, but she was standing there falling asleep. Then I noticed a pair of ears behind her, farther into the shed. I thought it might be Pepper, he use to stand in there a lot, but it was Chester. We made sure we didn't go close to the shed until she decided to go someplace else. She always finds a way to surprise us.

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