Friday, May 15, 2009

SUMMER HAS ARRIVED...........!!!!!

I don't know where the weatherman gets his numbers. He keeps saying it's in the high 90's. My thermometer goes over 100 every day. John has always said they put their equipment in a cooler place in Tucson, so the temperatures won't scare off the tourists. Makes sense to me.

This is the latest in the year Cisco has ever gone, without having bloody places where he's itched because of habronema larvae. YIPPEE! That's not to say he hasn't rubbed bald spots all over his back & butt, which makes me feel like a bad Mom for not brushing on him more often. Everybody has started shedding now, & there's no way the two of us can keep up with all of them. Most of them are self starters, "If they aren't going to brush us, we'll just take care of it ourselves". Unfortunately they aren't very careful about how they rub & scratch, & end up with bald spots. Poor Cisco looks like a moth eaten coat, with all his missing divets.

Judy is finally shedding out pretty good. She isn't slick, but everytime I brush her I get a lot of hair.

Monday is going to be a busy day around here. They will get feet trimmed, massages as needed, & there's a new Vet in the neighborhood, that will be coming out to look at my cripples. I like to keep in touch with all the Vets in the area, so if we have an emergency, maybe at least one will be available to come out.

I want to see if he has any ideas to make Pepper, Max & Chester more comfortable. Actually Chester is pretty good, although he still limps he doesn't seem to be in any pain at all. Pepper is the one I worry about, he has almost no use of one hind leg. So we'll see if the Doc has any brilliant ideas.


Melanie Hoots said...

I rescue as well in NC, or I buy out of bad situations. Anyway, I got a mammoth jenny and her foal this past weekend and mama is very skinny. Vet is coming out this week but what do use to put weight on them gradually. Last time I used beet pulp mixed in with feed but was wondering if you use something different. Thanks, Melanie Hoots

Tish said...

Hi Melanie:

How nice of you to take these two out of what probably wasn't a very good situation. Good for you, don't you just love longears?

A nursing momma is a little different than just putting weight on an solitary animal. How old is the foal? I've not dealt with a skinny nursing mom. I've heard of people using calf manna, but have never used it myself.

I've always had good results with beet pulp & feed it to my old guys every day. But your jenny probably needs a little more calories, since she is nursing. And she might not put on weight until the foal is weaned, no matter how much you feed her.

Good luck I hope they do well under your care.