Saturday, May 23, 2009

Well not the best picture, but you can see a large habronema in the top sore. Below the white spot is the rest of the body, which is probably about the size of a small grain of rice. The bottom sore, had a larger one, the one I pulled the head off yesterday. It came out when I wiped the dried invermectin off this morning. But the 2 small white spots one at the top & one in the middle & to the right are still in there & you can see the amount of damage they do. Bless his little heart, Sha'ba is very good about letting me work on him, considering how tender the area is.

Heard from Judy's Dad & he will be coming to take her home soon. She's done real good, seems to be adjusting to being on pergolide, although I wish she would shed out more. She's much more alert now, & isn't pot bellied & ribby like she was. I know my hay is higher in sugar & starch than I'd like, so we've soaked her hay ever since she came in January. Rory gets his hay from a feed store, so he won't be able to have it tested. I will recommend he continue to soak hay. But other than that, & trying to outsmart her about the pergolide, she shouldn't need any special treatment in the future.

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