Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I'M BACK.............AGAIN...............!!!!!

Got in from Los Angeles, actually Torrance about 7pm last night. We went the upper way, came home the lower way, & decided, there isn't a whole lot of difference, time wise, which way you go. Although the lower way you don't have to participate in Los Angeles traffic patterns............!!! We went thru a couple of hours after rush hour, & there were still cars everywhere...............BUT at least they were moving.

Gulliver was his usual goofy, bratty self. Actually, although I haven't been around large birds that much, he seems to be rather mellow & accepting of whatever is going on around him. I've seen birds that aren't that eager to meet strangers & seem to have issues. He'll go to whoever has their arm out, & really seems to enjoy being the center of attention. In fact if he thinks he's is being ignored, he has a rather high loud shriek that definitely gets your attention.

Sybil gave a good talk, & the club members all got to meet Gulliver, which was fun.

Got home late enough John had already fed, & everyone was eating. I went around to say hi & got the impression that I was interrupting their dinner. Daisy was the only one that actually seemed to enjoy the petting. At least John said he was glad I was home...............!!!

John said everything went just fine, except my big old male guinea was dead yesterday morning when John went over to the pens. He was probably 9-10 years old, I have no idea how long they live. He didn't seem to be sick or anything, he was just laying under where he roosted.

I went out this morning before they started eating, & petting seemed more important.

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