Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Tula is doing much better today. She'll be getting antibiotics for a few days, the Vet hasn't told me how long yet.

Today was finally the day to put fly masks on everyone. I put it off as long as possible, so they could have access to Burroland during the day. Some of them came up to me when they saw me carrying the masks, so I guess they thought it was time too. The first day always takes awhile to get the masks organized & decide which one goes on who. After that we hang them in the appropriate shelters, so it goes much quicker.

Daisy's mom told me she had never had a mask on, so I wouldn't have been surprised if she didn't think much of one. But she stood & let me put it on. Then she started acting funny, & walking funny. Actually she wasn't walking at all, she acted like she was feeling her way with her feet. It just took a minute to figure out what the problem was. She couldn't see............!!!! She still has a lot of hair on her face, & when I put the mask on, it must have pushed the hair down over her eyes. I hurried & took off the mask, & she didn't even seem to hold a grudge. She has enough hair around her eyes, that the flies don't bother her too much anyway, so we'll forgo the fly masks until we trim her face.

I used the furminator on Judy today, & she is starting to shed pretty good, for a Cushings mule. Guess the pergolide is working. I never could get her to eat the chasteberry on a regular basis, so it isn't a player.

John got the golf cart running again............yippee.........!!!! It might not have the style of the quad, but it sure is a lot easier to use for hay hauling.


Dina said...

It's so nice of you to give the donks masks.
There were days the bugs were so bad when I groomed donkeys at Good Samaritan Donkey Sanctuary http://www.donkeyrescue.org.au/
that I myself had to wear a net over my head.

Tish said...

I can't stand to see them shaking their heads to get the flies off. I have 2 that are blind in one eye, probably from fly infections. I wonder if Good Samaritan has access to fly predators? They really help with the problem.

Wish you were closer, we have a lot more loose hair than the 2 of us have hands.............!!!!