Saturday, May 09, 2009

ROAD TRIP...............!!!!!!

By Victoria Berry

I'll be leaving in the morning for a few days. Sybil is giving a talk to a bird club in California & asked me to go along. Of course I said yes. After donkeys, travel is my favorite thing......!!!!

Everyone is doing pretty good right now, although John is already whining about being "chief cook & bottle washer"., but he always does just fine. That's OK, when he takes off for a few days, I whine too. One person can do it, but it sures gets tedious quick.

BlackJack has a new nickname as of this morning. John has been calling him Stinky. It seems sometime last night he found a skunk or a skunk found him. Either way, we now know that although we haven't had any problems with skunks lately, obviously there are still some in the neighborhood.

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