Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Here is an update picture of Daisy I took this morning. I've still got a little touch up to do with my small clippers, but for the most part she's done. The dark spot on the side of her neck right in front of her shoulder is where she was shot when she was still on the range years ago. She still has shrapnel in there, & her Mom said she gets an open abscess about once a year. I'm hoping with more exercise maybe it won't break open, but if it does we'll take care of it.

I was hoping when I upwrapped Jenny's foot this morning the abscess would be open, but not yet. I soaked her foot while she was eating her hay this morning, & she stood real good. Sometimes her cooperation level is rather low, but she was a good girl this morning. It still isn't open, so I put some ichthammol on it. We'll see what happens.

Judy, Max, & Frijolita all seem to be fine this morning after being poked & prodded & stuck with needles yesterday. Max actually seems a little perkier, although I can't say he's a whole lot more stable on his feet. Judy is moving good, although I never could really see what Courntey was talking about when she said Judy was "out". But her hips sure cracked, when Dr. Weaver manipulated them.

Now that I know where Pepper's problem is, I spent more time on his hip when I massaged him this morning. I have a little 3 legged thing you put batteries in & it vibrates, which he loves. He won't let you forget in the morning, & refuses to go out of his pen until he has been "worked" on. Like with Max I don't know if it makes a difference, but he enjoys it.

I noticed that Chester had a lot of flies on his sheath this morning, which could mean it's either dirty & smelly or has habronema larvae on it. Either way, it was time for my simple answer to "dirty little boys", thunja zinc oxide . The general sheath cleaning is a little involved from my point of view, so I have developed a short cut that works for me & my boys. Most of my guys see me coming with the zinc oxide jar & you can almost see them roll their eyes, & assume the position. But Chester has never had to have the "treatment". I got a glob of zinc oxide on my fingers & headed for the object of interest. Well, let me tell you, I don't think he's ever had THAT done before, & isn't really interested in being the subject of such an insult. I called for John & a halter. That makes it official & usually when we put a halter on them, they give up. NO, THANK YOU LADY, KEEP YOUR HAND TO YOURSELF, or I will personally kick you into the next county...............!!! Hmmmm, as I checked my hand for permanent damage from a flying rear hoof, I decided that it was time for the squeeze. Got him in the squeeze, & he never moved a muscle. Of course I didn't spend a lot of time working in the zinc oxide, I figured he could do that himself. Gave him a treat for being a good boy...........NOT.......... turned him loose & no hard feelings I guess, he was looking for more treats.

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