Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Well I think you can tell from the video Max's opinion of the race car. Actually the "horsey" gang was standing in the middle of the circle drive & the first time John drove around they didn't even move. I guess Max decided he was going someplace else the 2nd time around. He sure moves pretty when he trots. It's amazing considering sometimes his back legs wiggle & wobble so much we're afraid he's going to fall most of the time.

Frijolita is going to become the official ambassador & greeter I guess. We had some nice folks come out to visit today. They had been here during the open house in December & wanted to bring a visiting sister out to see the donkeys. Frijolita, Buster & Lucy were the only ones out, we left everyone else in the pens. Buster & Lucy came by to get some pets & eat some pellets. So did Frijolita, but she ended up walking along with us for most of the tour. She was quite interested in the pellets, in fact her nose got in the bucket John was carrying more than once. But she seem to enjoy the pets almost as much.

Of course, everyone else geared up their braying & sticking their cute little noses through the corral panels, to get as much attention as they could.

It's nice when people enjoy the donkeys enough to come back.

The first few times we had visitors after Daisy came, she didn't quite know what to expect. But today she figured out the routine. We put her in a pen to make sure she was available for petting & pellet feeding. When she saw Judy getting pets & pellets, she marched herself to the gate & when we went around the other side of her pen, she followed us. Another cute little beggar is made, I guess.

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