Saturday, February 28, 2009

I hope all this sunny warm, almost hot weather isn't a sign of an early summer. Last night it was down to 30 degrees, so hopefully we'll cool off to late winter, early spring temperatures again.

Yesterday I found out that Friolita has a big mat in her tail. Most donkeys don't have enough tail hair to mat & if they do it's so coarse, it won't mat. She has very fine hair, a long mane & a very long tail. At least for a donkey. This mat is a big wad & will have to be worked out probably with the help of some hair conditioner. The problem is.........she does NOT like to be groomed. I don't want to cut the hair if at all possible, since it would probably take years to get the length back. My plan is to tie her up, & have John pet & feed one end, while I work on the other.

Managed to get Rusty wormed. I had some "feed in" wormer that has a flax seed base, & he ate it. Unfortunately it isn't manufactured anymore, so next worming time I'll have to get more creative I guess. I don't know why they discontinued making it, although price wise it was rather expensive.

We had a nice young couple out for a tour this morning & another tour tomorrow morning. The donkeys really enjoy tours, they have learned to beg really hard to get those pellets.

They will get fed early this afternoon, tonight is the first night of stock car racing for the new season. They love to get fed early, but they hate to have to stay in their pens until we get home. John is going to let our grandson drive tonight, although John will hot lap the car. This year is our 40th year of being involved in dirt track racing. Being in the military, sometimes there wasn't any tracks where we were stationed. But if there was a track in the area (within 100 miles) John usually built a car & we "went racing"...........!!!! Actually the farthest tow we did on a regular basis was 120 miles one way, & that was every Saturday night. We were younger then, I think.....!!! (G)


PaintedPromise said...

we used to have a HUGE problem worming our little rescue mule Maggie... approach her with ANYTHING and she is GONE. now we make a little bread sandwich with the wormer and she eats it!!! like a treat!!! i am so happy...

this might not work with your guy - several of mine will spit out the bread once they taste the wormer - but worth a try.

Tish said...

Most of mine know the bread routine, since the only time they get bread is when I'm trying to do something to them. (G)

Mules seem to have a thing about being uncooperative, have you noticed that? I have in my records that Jack will try to kill you if you try to give him a shot. And I'm not kidding. We've even tried squeezing him between 2 corral panels, as soon as he feels a needle, the war is on. Bent needles are the norm. He's 27 years old, so I figure the disease can't be much worse than the battle. Hopefully he's had enough vaccinations over the years to have developed high titers.

Hey do you know of anyone that would like a couple of nice mules? One is 26 one is 19, been family mules for 15 years or more. Older couple have to move for health reasons.