Monday, February 09, 2009


We still have Frijolita in a pen of corral panels around the stock trailer. This is Max visiting with her. I think everyone has come around to welcome her, although I don't think she's too impressed with anyone yet. We are going to move her into a regular pen today. BlackJack & Cisco got moved into Chili's old pen, & she will go into their larger one. Of course Cisco & BJ think we have lost what little sense we ever had. In a few days we will probably let her out to eat with Lucy, Buster, & Rocky. Who knows, maybe Rocky will get a girlfriend out of the deal.

She has a slight problem with her hind legs & her front feet have lots of ridging on them. The problem with her hind legs is probably stringhalt something I haven't dealt with before. So I guess I'll be on the internet trying to learn what I can about it. The problem with her front feet is why she is here, hopefully with lots more exercise than she's been getting she can start growing more normal hoof wall.

She's a pretty girl, a little standoffish, but that's to be expected. She was originally a BLM donkey taken off the range. She has spent 8 years in a wonderful home with the same routine & donkey friends. So this is all new to her. I'm sure once she gets use to us & the place she will fit right in.

As I write this John is hauling off #17. We haven't caught any skunks over in the chicken pen for a few nights, just on the back porch. So we're probably going to stop setting a trap on the porch, & continue to set one in the chicken pen, just in case. We don't care if they roam around & come in the back yard. We just don't want them getting in the chicken pen.

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