Thursday, February 26, 2009

WORMING TODAY...........!!!

Everyone got wormed this morning............well everyone except Rusty the mule. Tula & Jack got wormer in their feed. So did Rusty, but he obviously has a sensitive nose or taste buds. He is a real pain to worm the normal way, so I'm still working on a "Plan B" for tomorrow. I always taste anything before I give it to them, & the wormers don't taste that bad. But some of them really fight the battle. Can't remember who it was, but one of them, spit the whole mess out, PLOP.......right on the ground. Not a problem, I always buy extra.............!!!! (G)

Well we have returned the extra live trap to it's owner & our final count was 17 or 18 depending on who's telling the story. Somewhere along the way we lost track of how many skunks we caught. John is still setting our trap in the chicken pen every night just in case, but we haven't caught anything for over a week.

Judy's ACTH test results finally came back & she is Cushings. Not a big surprise everyone that sees her says she looks Cushings. Today we had a couple come out to see the donkeys. So besides getting wormed this morning, they all got to stay in their pens until the people got here, which was afternoon. Judy had been pacing the fence & chortling to let us know we needed to let her out. By the time the people got here, she was so irritated when we came over to her pen, she promptly turned her butt around to us & stood that way, until we moved on to Jenny's pen. The people weren't donkey people, & got quite a kick out of it, when we explained what was going on. It was more important to her to register her opinion of her mistreatment, than it was to get on the treat gravy train, I guess.

Friolita isn't going into a pen to eat now. She eats outside with Buster, Lucy & Rocky. I am hoping she & Rocky will become buddies. She is such a sweet natured little girl & he is so gentle, they would make a nice couple. She's been here less than a month & has already figured out the "tour" routine. As soon as the people showed up & we started walking towards Sha'ba's pen, Friolita came over to get some timothy pellets & petting. Then she walked with us, in case we wanted to give her more pellets.

Once the people left, we let everyone out. My goodness you would have thought they had been in prison for years, the way they acted. As much fun as they have roaming around, I find it sad that so many equines spend a lot of their lives in stalls in barns. For an animal that loves to move around as much as they do, it must be very unsettling to be cooped up most of the time. No wonder a lot of them develop, behavior problems, like weaving, & cribbing.

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