Friday, February 13, 2009

Frijolita is settling in pretty good. She gets along great with the other donkeys, but we still have to "encourage" her to go into her pen to eat. Of course we also have to encourage some of the others & they have been here a lot longer than she has. She's very sweet, although she isn't a cuddly type of donkey. I'm still hoping she & Rocky will bond, they would make a cute couple. He finally settled down & quit acting like a idiot, but I'm not sure she will forget their initial meeting. She does have one little weird manner that I've never seen before. She will not eat pellets. I have tried both timothy & Lakin Lite & she doesn't even seem to recognize them as food. She really likes the "natural" browse she's finding on the property though. At the rate they are all eating the "natural" browse there isn't going to be anything left. You know how you see a pen with a lot of horses in it, & it looks like a vast wasteland of dead trees & stubby stumps sticking up here & there? That's what it's going to look like around here before too long.

I'm still waiting for the vet to get the results on Judy's Cushings test. I'd sure glad this information wasn't needed in a timely manner. She's doing good, although I'm sure she would do better if we knew for sure she had Cushings & if so how much pergolide I should be giving her. I'm giving her a minimum amount until I hear from the vet.

The skunk update is good news. John hasn't had to haul a skunk for 3-4 nights. He has just been setting a trap in the chicken pen, & not on the porch. He wants to continue setting the trap for awhile, just in case one is passing thru & would like a chicken dinner. We're arguing on how many he hauled, I thought it was 17, but he says it was ONLY 16.......!!! Either way, it was a lot of skunks......!!!

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